Happy Father’s Day

Keith and I have a quiet day planned with just one of our ‘boys’ here but I have to say he’s been a wonderful father to all 4 of the boys!

My dad is also in my thoughts today. He’s been gone 28 years but I have so many wonderful memories … we had a large family, 6 kids, so our vacations were either visiting family or camping. Chris was always jealous because he wanted to go camping but our vacations were again, either visiting family or staying in hotels – Keith definitely wasn’t into camping!

I’m not sure where Kevin was … probably standing with Mom while she took the photo but the other 5 of us are in this photo with Dad. (At least I’m assuming it was Mom who took the photo!) I’m standing right in front of Dad with the bag on my shoulder, Debbie is in front of me, Ann is beside me, Dad is holding Maureen and Pat is on the left fishing.

One thought on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Penny G

    Happy that you have great memories. Happy Father’s Day Keith – you accepted a job that many wouldn’t and did it in the best way – with love.

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