This little batik squares doll quilt is finished also as I work my way though my list. 

 It also happens to be a UFO finish for me – # 8 for the year. Quilted with a loopy meander, it was meant to be a warm up for the Pluses and Circles top but I ended up quilted swirls on that one. 

Someone asked if I donate these and that was my intention several years ago but I couldn’t find a doll that I liked to go with the two I’d made so they just sat around and then Rae started putting all her dolls and stuffed animals to bed under quilts so most of them have gone to her including the last one that went with Bridget the Elephant. 

Maybe it’s time to make her another animal for her menagerie and save this little quilt to go with it. Becky sent me this photo a while back of the three I’ve already made for her. The quilt is one of her many quilts – I made this one – but Mom has made several for her too. When we were facetiming other day she saw one I always working on and asked if it was for her – when I said no she told me that she loved quilts and then started telling Becky that she should make her some quilts too. Becky doesn’t sew or quilt and has no intention of starting to but she said Rae assured her she could learn how. 

9 thoughts on “Finished

  1. Bonnie in Va

    Your animals are darling. I remember seeing you working on one a while ago but I guess I’m a sporadic reader as I don’t remember all of them. Have you made quilts with your mom?

  2. Penny G

    My granddaughters each have quilts and I made doll quilts for them. I made a whole bunch of place mats for their lunchboxes and that is probably the thing they use most.

  3. shirley schepers

    Neither of my daughters sew but my only granddaughter does and enjoys shopping for fabric with me. She also sends me ideas for future quilts. Teach them while they are young;)

  4. Judy

    I love all the little doll quilts and crocheted animals. How big are your doll quilts? My great-granddaughter sews when she comes for her annual visit and a doll quilt for her little sister would be perfect!

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