I love technology but …

When it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to it’s a pain!

Having some challenges with the blog not uploading photos the last few days and haven’t had time to work through it yet. Comments are also not coming to my email again so I’m having to go into the blog administration to respond. 

Our company is gone so hopefully I can get it all figured out in the next day or two!

2 thoughts on “I love technology but …

  1. Linda in NE

    I’ll agree with you on technology. I retired from the library at the end of last August. Early this spring they had to get an updated version of the automation system. The new librarian, trying to be independent of me, tried having her husband & a friend of his set it up. With a lot of tech support from the co. they finally got the main part running, but the online card catalog was a problem. About the same time the Internet provider sold out to another company and that company changed all the IP addresses and didn’t give the library a static IP. After much wrangling and a three week wait they got that. The librarian’s hubby finally admitted he knew nothing about getting a router set up or the IP stuff on the computer or the program to make it work, so she finally called me. Still not working, but I now have some insights into the issue & hopefully tomorrow! Why can’t things just be SIMPLE and WORK?!

  2. Toni Macomb

    I’m frustrated today too! Technology, love it and struggle with it. My problem yesterday and today is with Amazon Firestick. Of course it is the one on the TV I watch when I sew. Two different tv’s, two different, Firestick and I keep getting “network disconnected” on one, the one closest to the modem and router, but I’ve power cycled twice and it has not solved the problem. No problems with the other one. Dang!

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