I didn’t get into the sewing room to sew at all today but at least I did some binding. I have about 5 inches left of the Tumbler binding to hand stitch down and I’ll do that when I go up to bed.

Our basic cable bill has gone through the roof and I would cancel the TV and just keep the Internet portion if it wasn’t for Keith but the Internet been spotty too. We pay extra to have a higher speed connection but it’s frustrating because it drops out more frequently than I’d expect it to. We made a decision to go with the other cable company in the area – it will cut our bill in more than half and the internet speed will be higher (in theory) but the only problem is we’ve had two technicians out here and the new cable still isn’t hooked up and there was no follow up from the company after the first one was out last week although he assured me he’d be back in a day or two to get the job done. I finally had to call, they knew nothing about it and the guy who came out today knew nothing about the previous visit and was unprepared so we didn’t get switch over today either. He’s supposed to come back with a supervisor tomorrow and get the job done but I’m not holding my breath. It makes me nervous when service sucks as a new customer!!

What I did accomplish in the last couple days is a pile of laundered quilts ready to donate. Some will get shipped out and some will go to GA with me for donation and the little gray one on the end will stay at Big Canoe. I’ve got 4 more stacks of quilts this size to be washed and donated but I’ll get these out of here first.

11 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. Linda in NE

    I can’t remember a time when service from internet, satellite and/or cable companies wasn’t bad. As far as I can see they are all about getting the customers’ money and offering as little in return as possible.

  2. Shari

    13 beautiful quilts to make families warm. Great work.

    Now that Pai is at the FCC we’ll be even further behind when it comes to service from cable/internet companies.

    Hope you’ll have a great holiday.

  3. Pamela Arbour

    I feel your frustration. I am convinced that none of the cable and internet companies have the best quality. They want us to think we have options, but we really don’t. I think they are playing some kind of game with us. LOL How hard could this really be?

    Love looking at your quilts all nicely stacked and ready to go.

  4. Diana Edwards

    The quilts are beautiful.

    Getting something done….sometimes the right hand does not know what the left
    hand is doing. You have to stay on top of everything. Good luck

  5. Sherrill

    I absolutely detest the fact that I have to have cable at all! Neither of my sons have cable and view TV thru a variety of ways–Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, PS1, raspberry pie. I wish there were more alternatives for non-techies like me.

  6. Sandra Kahler

    We just dropped cable frustrating when they bring a new box out and charge you $60.00 to come in and fix their equipment. Plus the new box went out within one month wanted another $60..00 to fix it.

    Thank you for all the quilting you do for charity. Your quilts are always beautiful .

  7. Penny G

    Beautiful quilts and your kindness is so heartwarming and inspiring.

    The last time we had to interact with the cable company we had a technician that was amazing, but he was the exception to the rule. We did have bad equipment, a failure by the company to set the switches properly, and the cable from the pole to the house was bad so they wanted to charge us a small fortune to replace it until my husband pointed out that we lived in the city limits and the agreement with the city required they own the cable an maintain. The technician said they booked him for one hour appointments knowing most would take longer and only gave him minimal equipment so he would have to return multiple times. Many people pay for multiple visits even if the cable company is responsible for the costs. I don’t know if he was dissatisfied as a worker or not. Some of what he said rang true with complaints friends had about the cable company. Are they covered by the public service commission? They weren’t a few years ago, but there was an effort to make them a utility a while back.

  8. Shirley

    I feel your pain re the cable company. I just renegotiated my contract for another 2 years. I was able to get a reduced rate, but they have realigned the programming so I don’t receive some of my favorite channels. I believe they hope no one will notice when their contract expires and will continue paying the increased rate especially if you are enrolled in auto pay. I envy your quilting progress.

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