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Keeping score

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Apparently we’re a competitive bunch and all of our activities seem to have winners and losers. This afternoon the guys played golf and while I understand it wasn’t pretty for any of them (they don’t play often) – Keith came out ahead on the golf course. 

I did head out to kayak after finishing my quilting but since the guys were busy, I had to rent a kayak rather than use mine because I can’t get it down by myself. I’ll be glad when a lower berth comes available but it won’t be this visit. 

Chris left after dinner and the Uno cards came out … this time Kevin was the winner. I wonder what the next competition will be?!


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I quilted my fan top today and I’m done – it’s #9 of 9 that I’d planned to quilt in July while I’m here at Big Canoe. Pantograph is Flirtatious and this one is my 2nd oldest UFO started in November 2010. 

Keith, Chris, and Kevin are golfing so I have time to go for a paddle after I fix some deviled eggs. I’m using the Instant Pot to hard boil them. 


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I realize that Pot Roast is supposed to have veggies but Keith’s Mom made it without them and served it as an open faced sandwich and that’s how he wanted it. I almost forgot to take a photo – mine was half eaten when I snapped one to send to Chris. 

I didn’t have his Mom’s recipe and she made hers in a crock pot so I looked at a number of different recipes and made my own from them. 

Pot roast

  • 2 lb roast
  • Add 1 tablespoon of oil to pan
  • Season with pepper and sear on all sides on sauté setting 
  • Onion soup packet
  • Cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 and 1/2 cups water
  • Cook on Medium Meat setting for 60 minutes

Since there were no veggies, I served it with a salad. 

I had a couple little blips … but it tasted great, the meat was nice and tender and we’ll definitely fix it again. I can’t believe I risked a new appliance and an untested recipe when I had company but Kevin says not to treat him like company so I didn’t and I got lucky!

I think Finn was trying to distract him so I’d win the game … and I did! Kevin is Finn’s godfather because he was visiting us in Tampa and Keith claims Kevin is responsible for us getting Finn while he was there. 


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I was browsing and came across a traditional bear paw quilt using a chisel block in place of some of the half square triangles and while the boys were napping this afternoon, (my brother drove through the night to get here but I’m not sure what Keith and Finn’s excuse is!) I played with the idea of a non traditional bear paw quilt for a someday quilt. 

The blocks are 9 inches finished (9.5 with seam allowances) and just for fun I recolored it in RWB too. It will go in my design file and maybe one day I’ll make it. As usual, it’s easier to design in two colors but most likely I’d go scrappy!

Barefoot and in the kitchen

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It’s how I like my man! With the longer visits the last few years and the kitchen being updated, I find I do a lot more cooking while we’re here. Tonight, I fixed chicken tortilla soup and our deal is that Keith grocery shops and cleans up … I make the grocery lists and cook. 

I also went looking for a crock pot to replace a small one I have here and ended up buying an Instant Pot. I’ve never used a pressure cooker but I’m intrigued by the multi function abilities and decided I’d give it a shot. Worse case, it can be used just as a slow cooker, best case, I figure out the pressure cooker, and rice steamer functions. 

I never cook something for the first time with company but my brother visited us in Tampa and told me not to treat him like a guest so I’m going to experiment tomorrow night and try pot roast for the open face sandwiches that Keith likes – his mom used to fix it  (I don’t have her recipe but I found one online). I have no idea whether it will be edible or not so Kevin might end up having to fend for his own dinner. 

I’ve read that the Instant Pots are very popular right now – do you have one? If so, what’s your favorite thing to fix in it? 

Mom works me hard!

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Her queen size log cabin top is quilted (#8 of 9 on the to do list for this trip). Pantograph is Halcyon. By the way, I do work hard helping Mom with her quilting BUT I always offer to do more for her than she takes me up on, she’s always very appreciative and does things in return for me like making my appliqued schoolhouse blocks so it’s never a chore!!

All 4 of her quilts are done and packed up for the trip home. I’ve offered to get bindings started on two of them so I’ve still got a little work left but the binding marathon won’t start until I get back to FL. 

Today was supposed to be my last day quilting for this trip – my brother arrives early tomorrow and Keith is taking vacation so I am too …. Only I have one more top I want to get quilted and I plan on working Monday while they play golf. I’m taking it easy the rest of the afternoon after finishing my guest prep – everything’s been done except putting the clean sheets back on the guest bed. It’s raining outside but if it clears up later, I’ll probably go kayaking too. 


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It’s quiet here tonight. Adam and his family left after supper and we’re sitting here listening to music. Finn is napping at my feet – it’s hard work entertaining  3 and 7 year old children but he did a good job! They both love dogs and so do Adam and Lindsey. 

At the swim club. 

I also quilted a little yesterday before they got here. Does it surprise you when I do a pantograph right over applique?! I told Mom that I was going to quilt a panto on her queen size quilt if it wasn’t too big to use the laser light. For me, the quilts where my thread will blend well over the entire quilt are always good choices  for pantographs or overall freehand especially since I hate trying to figure out how to quilt inside appliqués. 

This is one of my favorite blendy threads too. It’s a Permacore thread that runs well in my machine. This top will get finished tomorrow!


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I’ll have photos of the kids tomorrow but can you believe that I just enjoyed spending time with Adam and only took the one photo today …

Well, I did take a photo in the Jasper Library. I ran my errands and still had about 30 minutes before I needed to pick up Keith this afternoon so I decided to check out the library. I didn’t look at the book collection but they seemed to have a nice computer section and a small seating area where I sat and read my kindle. I love libraries and even though most of the books I read these days are digital, I love seeing rows of library shelves with books!