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I need to take Finn out to potty again at 2am before I go back to bed so I’m killing some time. 

I love brown and for right now I’d have to say it’s my favorite color so this one caught my eye when I did a search for vintage quilts on eBay. Again, I’m not sure how vintage this one actually is but it’s another one I could see recreating. 

The chevron design is something you see pretty often with bricks only these are skinnier rectangles. I decided to draw out a couple versions … the one on the right is a 2×4 finished brick and every other row starts with a 2×2 finished square. The one on the left is a 2×6 inch finished rectangle with every other row starting and ending with a 2×3 inch finished rectangle.  The above quilt obviously uses thinner strips but I have 2.5 inch strips on my mind right now. 

Typically I don’t like sewing long skinny rows together but it wouldn’t be too bad on one of the smaller quilts I make and quilt in FL. Keep repeating your rows and end up with something like this. 

Of course for a kid’s quilt, I’d used different colors but add a couple borders to the RWB version and you’d have a veteran’s quilt to donate. 

Time to take Finn out and head to bed now!

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