All kinds of technical problems

I’m having problems with our internet here and problems with uploading photos to the blog intermittently and problems streaming the Tour de France so I’m pretty frustrated right now but maybe this photo will upload. I finally got out on the trails today – about 4.5 miles hiking to the lower falls after I finished quilting. 

Mom is also on vacation this week and I’m only able to intermittently view the photos my family is posting but here’s a great one of her and Emma! Emma is my brother’s granddaughter so one of Mom’s great-granddaughters. When we were at Hatteras I mentioned how great it was that Mom got to spend time with Rae and the same goes for Emma. She sees Emma even more often than she does Rae because even though Emma lives in Tennessee, Kevin lives much closer than I do. 

4 thoughts on “All kinds of technical problems

  1. Cindy in NC

    What a great picture of your mom. She is both an inspiration and a reminder that doing what you love keeps you young.

  2. Penny

    Love reading your blog. I usually keep up via the e-mails but lately the pictures are loading so big that I can’t even tell much about them and have to try to scroll from one side to the other and from top to bottom. I had to come to your blog to read this one. Thanks for sharing anyway.

  3. Penny G

    Love the picture of your mom and Emma, but the waterfall makes me want a beautiful place to hike.

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