Getting started was the hardest part 

I had very little sleep last night and was tempted to take a day off – a day off quilting and a day off hiking but instead I decided to go downstairs and just get the next top loaded. Then I decided to just start the quilting. Then I was halfway done and decided to just finish the quilting. And then I decided to take it off the longarm, photograph it and fold it up. It will go back to FL for binding and is quilted with the pantograph Ebb and Flow. 

The quilt was based on a vintage quilt and made of simple rectangles. I have the quilt details on my website. 

So after finishing this quilt (#3 of 9) I decided I might as well go for that hike too. 

Finn will have me up between 5:30 and 6am tomorrow morning so maybe tomorrow will be my rest day!

5 thoughts on “Getting started was the hardest part 

  1. Penny G

    I have to ask if you need the rest. It seems that at this point your mind and body are conspiring to keep you going.

  2. Linda

    Haha That is exactly the way it works with me. “I’ll just load the quilt.” Then, “I’ll just audition the thread, etc, etc.” House cleaning is that way for me, too. I guess I just need a “handle” to get me going. The quilting design you used is nice against the rectangles.

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