Parallel vacations

Mom is on vacation with my two sisters and brother and the vacation photos are going back and forth between Big Canoe and Smith Mountain Lake via Facebook. I got a jolt just now when I went to check for updates and found this photo of Mom and Maureen on the Jet Ski. I can’t believe she rode the jet ski but I’m told she said it looked like fun and wanted to ride and apparently wants to do it again. Here’s to always being open to trying new things!

5 thoughts on “Parallel vacations

  1. Mary Jo

    Love that your mom would be willing to get on the jet ski! I can be lots of fun to be on a jet ski with a careful driver!

  2. Sherrill

    WOW, that looks like a nice room jet ski!! Yay for you mom..she’s very blessed to have wonderful kids who will do stuff like that with and for her.

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