Bonus quilt

Kayaking again today – such a serene mountain lake and I almost had it to myself! Just a couple pontoon boats out there in the distance. 

I decided to get one of next week’s tops loaded and before I knew it, it was quilted and coming off the longarm. This is one of Mom’s tops – pantograph is Jilly and it has a soft Minkee backing. Someone’s going to enjoy this one!

This is quilt #4 of 9 and I’m one ahead going into the weekend. Chris, Becky, and Rae are coming in the morning so no more quilting until Monday. 

2 thoughts on “Bonus quilt

  1. Penny G

    Kayaking is such a beautiful experience for me. We generally go out on a bayou near our home and if we get up early enough we share it with dolphins looking for breakfast. I hope the peace and joy I feel also fills you when you paddle.

    Love your mom’s quilt. The back is an interesting choice for the strong patterns and colors on the front. She is bolder and more confident than I, but it works.

  2. Nancy

    The lake looks calming and inviting. I don’t know how to swim so kayaking would be frightening to me.

    Love the quilt and that lovely minkee backing.

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