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Thank you all for your kind comments regarding Keith’s sprain. As I’ve mentioned many times, the blog is a journal for me of my family, my travels, and my quilting and Keith’s unexpected but relatively minor injury is a part of our story. Believe it or not, I do have a filter and there is a lot that happens in my life that doesn’t appear here. 

While keeping any type of public journal leaves me open to negative comments I fail to see why someone would write a rude email rather than just stop reading my blog. If my content doesn’t interest you, please feel free to visit other blogs rather than come here and there’s no need to write and let me know how unacceptable you find my content like this reader felt the need to do. 

Your husband must really like having his pictures taken. It is unbelievable that any man would consent to being in a furniture store, sitting on a display love seat and pose for a picture while holding swatches of fabric! The best is of him on the ground after a fall. Then, in emergency, showing off the dressing on his foot! Wouldn’t the doctor and nurses pose with him to make the situation more dramatic?

There has to be a good lock and bars in your bathroom doors or pictures would come from that area in your house. 

Pictures of quilting are more interesting.

And for those of you who like the quilting content but suffer in silence through all the other posts … here’s Becky’s quilt on the longarm. Loaded today and the spiral quilting has been started but I’ve got a long way to go. 

74 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. Carole S.

    Some people are just miserable with their own lives but too stupid to look to themselves and do something about it, so they choose to criticize others. What a jerk that person was. I’ve seen similar things happen on other blogs as well. Don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of us who enjoy your content, no matter what. We’re smart enough to take what we like and leave the rest. Maybe someday that ignorant person will learn to do the same.

    I like the quilting you’ve selected for the quilt above. Your work is very consistent, which is something I’m striving for. It’s a pretty quilt, too!

  2. Jackie

    I, like so many others, really enjoy your blog and glimpses into your life. You are a kind, generous person who loves her family. So glad you share that with all of us. Love your quilting content as well, but also enjoy the family side of your life.

  3. Marsha

    Some people never learned at an early age “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. This reader (hope it’s ex-reader because who needs someone so critical and unkind) can’t seem to help herself from dropping in so there must be something interesting to her. So sorry you had to get a comment like hers.

  4. Mary Hurst

    Some people are so rude! I just said a little prayer for your hubby when I saw the pics. That’s all I could do from a distance! Thanks for sharing your life with us. I look forward to seeing your updates.

  5. Mary Hopkins

    I enjoy your blog and your sharing your life. How sad someone rude has to say such mean things. I especially love your pics of your lovely husband, kids, and your sweet little dog. Quilters are people and have a life. Quilting is a part of our life, but not the only part!!!

  6. Robin Smith

    Love your blog, Mary. You keep it real. Nobody’s life or family is perfect, but the posts from a lot of bloggers only have you believe theirs are all rainbows and unicorns. Love your quilts and the fact that you donate so many.

  7. Cynthia Marrs

    Please ignore that offensive person’s diatribe. I really enjoy your blog and the glimpses if your family. Your puppy’s antics give me joy. I look forward to your posts.


  8. Jan Smith

    I’m sure sorry that someone wrote those things. Some people just aren’t happy if they aren’t making everyone else unhappy.

  9. Joyce McCarthy

    I check your blog everyday and love reading it!! Don’t pay any attention to the rude people. Some people complain about everything! Keep on posting whatever you like. Your fans love to read it.
    I have made your favorite charity quilt at least 7 times and it is the best!

  10. Pat K

    Some people are so rude. So sorry you had to deal with that. I enjoy your blog and am very grateful for all the quilting ideas and patterns you share with us. Very much appreciate your generosity and do enjoy seeing some of the things that are going on in your life.
    No one is forced to read the blog…they can always hit delete.

  11. Mary Jo

    Love your blog, including pictures of all of your family! It is nice to hear about your life, not just about your quilts, even though you do have beautiful quilts. My Daddy used to say that some people won’t be happy with their front row seats in H—! Sounds like the person who found it necessary to write a nasty comment is one of those people.

  12. Janet

    Mary I really enjoy your site. I have used your patterns many times and enjoy reading about how “real” you are. Keep it up 🙂

  13. Barb

    Mary, I can’t believe anyone would criticise your blog as you are so kind to share your knowledge in quilting along with a little of your personal life. I don’t miss a day reading your blog and I feel like you are a friend without really knowing you. THANK YOU!

  14. Sharon Jones

    I cannot believe people can be so blah. Love reading your blog. It is like chatting with a friend.

  15. Judy

    I enjoy your quilting news as well as the glimpses into your life and family. Also surprised that someone would feel the need to write such a comment. Keep up what you do and thankyou.

  16. Ruth

    I have come to the firm conclusion that a lot of these types of nasty comments are jealousy driven because there is something lacking in the posters life.

    I’m sorry you had to receive a comment like that and I also feel sorry for the person whose life is so miserable that she needs to spread that misery to others.

  17. Girl in the Stix

    Sounds like a troll. I am so grateful for your generosity in sharing your quilting, your family and experiences. I feel you are a friend that I may never meet, but truly enjoy! Sorry someone felt the need to spew vitriol, but it says so much more about their horrible life than yours. Hope Keith is feeling better! All the best, V

  18. Claire

    I am sorry people feel the need to be so rude. You are right–if you don’t like what you are reading move on. Their lives have to be miserable and of course they are now probably enjoying the attention this has garnered, by reading the comments. Prayers for a quick recovery

  19. Angie Kiker

    Wow, I’m speechless at to how to comment about this very rude person who posted on your blog. Sorry Mary, some people are so unkind nowadays. (hug)

  20. Karen

    Mary, I’m sorry to hear some left such a dreadful comment. I first started reading your blog because of your quilts but I really enjoy seeing the joy you have in your family-I love your super mom and little Rae-she is a Rae of Sunshine isn’t she? And Keith is such a sweetie. Also, I ADORE your library and wish I could come over and have a glass of wine and read.

  21. Peg

    Been on vaca for a week, so just catching up on your blog. I can’t believe what some people write to you. Would they tell their friend this? That’s how I think of you. Shake off those rude people and keep being you.

  22. Bonnie in Va

    So sorry some folks are so incredibly rude. I’ve always enjoyed glimpses into your life. Love reading about Finn and also Chesty. I felt your pain when his end came. Love to see what you do with your grands. And, yes, I do love seeing your quilt designs and your quilting. Please ignore the bad and continue to share. I, for one, enjoy it. Thanks for being so generous with your quilt designs too.

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