After Keith and Rae left this afternoon I had a homeowners meeting – ugh. I’ve been the secretary for a couple years now and will continue for another. It’s better than taking on the other board roles!

I was very, very tired when I got home but forced myself to go downstairs and quilt Mom’s 30’s quilt. This was a kit that I gave her and I think it was from Craftsy. 

Pantograph is Cotton Candy – very simple and quick. 

This is #6 of 9 that I’ve planned to quilt this month although I’m wondering if I’m going to hit that goal with all the time I’m spending with the kids. 

5 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. Mona Roberts

    Pretty sure that oversize king counts for more than one in your quilting tally :). It turned out wonderfully BTW.

  2. Sara F

    Very pretty! I really love 30s fabrics and “hoarded” mine for quite awhile. I finally started using them and just finished a quilt made of 30s reproductions and I am thrilled with how bright and cheerful it is.

  3. Nancy

    A beautiful quilt!

    I admire you for serving as secretary. So many people want to let others do the work and then complain when things don’t go their way. You have a full life and manage to balance all you do very nicely. Spending time with family is important: quilts will keep.

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