It’s a balancing act 

When Keith is home and working, Finn can stay with him and has more freedom to roam but when Keith is traveling it’s a little more challenging. He can’t be let loose in the sewing room – there’s too much danger to him and my quilts/stash so when it’s just the two of us home, he has to be contained. Last week I had him in the bathroom behind a gate but he learned to climb out so this week I have his crate downstairs. I alternate periods downstairs quilting with breaks to walk and play but after last night and today he was clearly demanding more attention tonight. 

So my wine and book waited until he was ready to fall asleep for the night but I did get to them eventually!

8 thoughts on “It’s a balancing act 

  1. Pamela Arbour

    They can get demanding and spoiled very quickly. We recently returned from a 3 week trip in Europe and I don’t think our “Franz” has gotten over it yet!

  2. Sara F

    Almost like having to sew while our toddlers napped or after they went to bed. A glass of wine and a good book is exactly my favorite way of ending the evening, although I substituted a glass of Amaretto the other night.

  3. Marcia in TX

    I really enjoy your blog and the adventures of Finn.(as well as the quilts :^)) ) I am sure your family appreciates it also. I know I appreciate facebook because that way I find out what is happening in my children’s lives. They arenot much for talking on the phone or writing. Enjoy!

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