I might have a hiking buddy

I really wanted to go for a hike this afternoon after I finished working but I just couldn’t shut Finn up in the crate for another hour and a half after he’d been so good while I was quilting. I’ve been walking a little farther with him bit by bit and I was going to go to the bridge and back with him but he was enjoying himself so I though I’d try walking all the way around the shortest trail – the Lake Loop – it’s about a mile I think although I didn’t expect to go that far so I didn’t turn on the GPS. 

He did great and while it wasn’t my usual 4-5 miles, it felt great to move around a bit after standing at the longarm most of the day. It’s funny how he knew to follow the path and needed very little encouragement to keep going and every now and then he’d turn around to see if I was following. 

Finn is 7 months old today and he’s getting much easier to manage. He’s a sweet little boy but  I’ve got to say the first 4 months were a little challenging. 

I haven’t talked much on the blog about the challenges of house training a puppy either but I think we’ve almost got him completely trained AND he’s finally sleeping through the night without having to go out to go potty. Before we came to Big Canoe at the beginning of the month I would have said he was about 80% trained as long as we took him out frequently. The accidents that did happen occurred in the pen because we didn’t let him run loose when we weren’t watching him. Now I’d say he’s about 98% trained – he had a couple accidents when we first arrived but none since then but I still keep a close eye on him.

I’ve also contacted the vet about medication for his car sickness and will pick some up tomorrow. He’s probably just got one more trip to Chris’ house while we’re here and then the trip home but hopefully the medication will work and he won’t throw up! 

3 thoughts on “I might have a hiking buddy

  1. Sherrill

    I have a friend who uses essential oils on her dog when they’re traveling to prevent motion sickness. He was sick once and then no more. Not sure which particular oil she uses on him for that.

  2. Jill

    We have a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Blue Heeler/Jack Russell mix. It took 3 or 4 times as long to house train the smaller pup as the big one. He still needs about twice as many trips outside, but at least he comes over and nudges my leg now. I’m glad to hear that Finn is figuring it out, he’s a gorgeous pup.

  3. Kerstin

    I had a dog years ago that would get car sick on the way to the vet, 2 miles away! Here’s how I cured her: every day when I got home from work I put her in the car and drove around the block. Then after a few days, two blocks. A few more days and I extended it to half a mile. I gradually extended the distance and she got used to it. It took about a month. We never took long trips like you do but it was worth the effort because she used to puke in the car after about a mile. Gross.

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