I miss knitting

I almost ordered some yarn last night but manage to resist the temptation since my knitting this year has been almost nonexistent mostly due to Finn. Instead, this morning I decided I’d try to knit a while and see how he did. It took about 15 minutes of me telling him no and convincing him that he didn’t want to chew on the yarn or the scarf and he finally settled down on the ottoman and watched the wildlife out the window while I knit for about an hour. 

This pattern is the Be Simple scarf I’ve done 3 other times, yarn is Wollmeise Pure – my favorite and somewhat difficult to come by which is why it was so hard to resist buying some from the Loopy Ewe last night but I’ll admit I’ve got a great big bin full of it even though I’ve given Mom several skeins too. I’m going to try again tonight and see if he’ll let me knit some more! 

I use the Knit  Companion app on the iPad to keep my place in my pattern although I don’t use the more involved parts of the program. I import my PDF pattern and use the row markers and counters but I don’t type patterns into the program – that’s too much work for me! I know some patterns can also be ordered in a format that works in the app but again, PDF works best for me. 

I also loaded Mom’s queen size log cabin quilt and have made a good start on the quilting. I’m a little more than halfway but with Adam and the kids coming tomorrow and staying until after dinner on Thursday I don’t expect to finish the quilting until Friday. 

5 thoughts on “I miss knitting

  1. Penny G

    Knitting is possible again. But don’t expect him to settle that easily every time. He is such a cutie.

  2. Cindy in NC

    I have similar issues with knitting, but my “helper” is a toddler. I “retired” last year to keep my granddaughter, and she is interested in whatever I have in my hands.

    I made one of these scarves after you first posted about it a while back. It was a good pattern for an inexperienced knitter, though I did have to depend on a stitch marker to keep from getting confused about what was the right and wrong side. The designer has a similar pattern for a cowl called Stony Point. I’ve made several of those.

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