Barefoot and in the kitchen

It’s how I like my man! With the longer visits the last few years and the kitchen being updated, I find I do a lot more cooking while we’re here. Tonight, I fixed chicken tortilla soup and our deal is that Keith grocery shops and cleans up … I make the grocery lists and cook. 

I also went looking for a crock pot to replace a small one I have here and ended up buying an Instant Pot. I’ve never used a pressure cooker but I’m intrigued by the multi function abilities and decided I’d give it a shot. Worse case, it can be used just as a slow cooker, best case, I figure out the pressure cooker, and rice steamer functions. 

I never cook something for the first time with company but my brother visited us in Tampa and told me not to treat him like a guest so I’m going to experiment tomorrow night and try pot roast for the open face sandwiches that Keith likes – his mom used to fix it  (I don’t have her recipe but I found one online). I have no idea whether it will be edible or not so Kevin might end up having to fend for his own dinner. 

I’ve read that the Instant Pots are very popular right now – do you have one? If so, what’s your favorite thing to fix in it? 

24 thoughts on “Barefoot and in the kitchen

  1. Cynthia Lee

    I love my instant pot. I steam fresh veggies, cook hard boiled eggs, it makes the best pinto beans (pre soak them and pressure cook them for 120mins) , pork roasts, beef roasts, ribs (finish them off in the oven with sauce) the list goes on and on. If you decide you like using it buy an extra seal for the lid as it can retain odors when you cook seasoned foods. Keep the extra one for cooking rice or cakes and things that you don’t want to take a chance of it taking on the smell. They do release the smell after awhile. I was afraid to use it for months after I bought it but once I started I felt silly for waiting. One other thing, when you add liquid for cooking use hot liquid as it cut way down on the cooking time.

  2. Jo

    I don’t have an Instant Pot, but we do have a rice cooker. Since we made the switch to whole grains, the rice cooker has been a game changer. I can make brown rice for dinner (and steam veggies in the rack) in much less time that it would normally take to make on the stovetop.

  3. Sherrill

    I have one but haven’t used it yet. I got it because Judy over at was talking about hers awhile back and raving. There’s a website where she gets a lot of recipes for it from but can’t remember what the name of the site is altho it might be this one

  4. Sara F

    Great division of labor. My dad did all of the grocery shopping and loved it. He also loved to cook and took over the kitchen most weekends. My daughter loves her Instant Pot and uses it multiple times a week. I even used it last time I babysat – in spite of the fact that pressure cookers have always scared me. Easy to use!

  5. Sharon

    Love my instant pot. Check out Her recipes have always worked for me…

    There are lots of videos on youtube..

  6. Swooze

    I have one and love it. There are several Facebook groups that share lots of recipes and troubleshooting ideas.

    I love making country style ribs in mine then finish in the oven. Last night I steamed frozen broccoli in the pot for 0 minutes. The act of it coming to pressure was enough to cook it!

    Don’t be afraid of it. I have better with chuck roast than pot roast. Just have fun!

  7. Penny G

    No instant pot, but I grew up in the land of pressure cookers,. and the quick and easy cooking makes me happy

  8. Leslie Myers

    Spaghetti and meatballs with the pasta all in one pot! Also cheesecake is terrific and rice, hard boiled eggs and yoghurt. When you do meat use slow release so the meat stays moist, and I think dark meat chicken parts are good but boneless skinless chicken breasts are awful.

  9. Nancy

    I love mine. My husband’s favorite meal out of the instant pot is pot roast. I like the ease of making beans – black beans, pintos – whatever.

  10. Cynthia Marrs

    I will add my 2 cents. I have enjoyed my Instant Pot. Just remember to start early as it takes a while to heat up. I’ve made several meat recipes. It works very well.

  11. Bonnie in Va

    Years ago I had a pressure cooker. I used it a bit but my grandma was the queen of pressure cooking. She had a great swiss steak recipe. We quit using it over time and got rid of it. Surprisingly, I’m not all that interested in getting one now. I look forward to hearing about your results.

  12. JoAnne Sheppard

    My hubby, Ron, grocery shops for me but I do the meal planning, cooking and clean-up. Wonder if I could work a deal like you have with Keith! Both of us eat so it’s good to share the chores!

  13. Jo Anna

    I make boiled eggs in mine. Very easy to peel. Pressure cooking today is a great site. Also hip pressure cooking. I also do potatoes for mashed potatoes or potato salad. I cook one pot meals, beans, steam veggies. I love mine.

  14. Donna

    I also have the Instant Pot. I make eggs, potatoes, rice and chicken. I now make my yogurt in the pot, it is a lot easier than having a pot in the oven all night.

  15. Cindy in NC

    I don’t use my Instant Pot as much as I could/should, but I’m glad I bought it. I think it does a great job on red beans and rice, the traditional Cajun Monday meal (because Monday is laundry day and you need something that doesn’t require a lot of tending). I always put a dish towel over the knob when venting so my cabinets and light fixtures don’t get wet from stream. Looking forward to hearing about the recipes you try.

  16. Lynne

    I have 2 slow cookers (4qt and 7.5 qt) and an Instant Pot and I use them very often. The Instant Pot is great for rice and steel cut oats and many things that are steamed (even cakes.) The Instant Pot is not as good as crockery slow cookers for making slow cooked items. The only time I’ll use the Instant Pot as a slow cooker is when I’m making beef and have to brown the beef first. Using the Saute function and then the Slow Cooker function with the same pot saves you from having to wash another pot.
    Lots of recipes online for both. My favorite slow cooker site is:
    Enjoy your new appliance!

  17. Joyce Barham

    I have an Instant Pot. I really like it and use it 4 or 5 times a week. I cook chicken, beef roast, beans, and brown rice with grains, like wheat berries, rye berries, etc. I really love the convenience of the Instant Pot and that I don’t have to be right there in the kitchen to unplug it. If you let the pot cool down on its own, you save electricity. When you lower in the pressure, like when you are in a hurry, it costs on your electric bill. We have an all-electric house, so I’m always careful to turn off lights, etc. Sounds like you have a great time!

  18. Kim

    I have and use my Instant Pot. Baked potatoes cook up nice and creamy. Love bypassing the oven or steamy stovetop. I think you’ll like it. I have two lid seals because spice odors hang on, in spite of washing, for a while, so nice to switch before cooking rice.

  19. Kim

    If you want to treat yourself to dessert sometime, Instant Pot cheesecake is awesome! 😂

  20. Carol

    Bought it during a sale of some sort on Amazon around or before Christmas. Then I kept reading reviews about how awful things are – it’s still in the box.

  21. Carole S

    I love my instant pot and use it at least weekly, if not more often. I slow cook and pressure cook in it, and the only time I was disappointed was when I followed a recipe for pressure cooking chicken breasts, which came out tough.

    Yes, there are some bad reviews, but less than 3% of those on amazon dot com are really bad. That’s not that bad an average, esp since people who really like it aren’t as likely to comment as those who don’t. I know you’ll enjoy it.

  22. Dar in MO

    I too was swayed by Judy at Patchwork Times into buying one and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought. I don’t think anything that Judy recommends is ever a bad thing. She is spot on with her recommendations and ideas since she cooks 3 meals a day almost every day of the week and loves to try new recipes. I use mine at least 5-8 times a week, sometimes twice a day. Everything has been good, no failures yet. Would love to try the cheesecake and yogurt but since my DH is diabetic and I don’t need to eat a lot of rich foods, the cheesecake will have to wait. I’d hate to experiment with it when having company in case it bombs. lol

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