Mom works me hard!

Her queen size log cabin top is quilted (#8 of 9 on the to do list for this trip). Pantograph is Halcyon. By the way, I do work hard helping Mom with her quilting BUT I always offer to do more for her than she takes me up on, she’s always very appreciative and does things in return for me like making my appliqued schoolhouse blocks so it’s never a chore!!

All 4 of her quilts are done and packed up for the trip home. I’ve offered to get bindings started on two of them so I’ve still got a little work left but the binding marathon won’t start until I get back to FL. 

Today was supposed to be my last day quilting for this trip – my brother arrives early tomorrow and Keith is taking vacation so I am too …. Only I have one more top I want to get quilted and I plan on working Monday while they play golf. I’m taking it easy the rest of the afternoon after finishing my guest prep – everything’s been done except putting the clean sheets back on the guest bed. It’s raining outside but if it clears up later, I’ll probably go kayaking too. 

5 thoughts on “Mom works me hard!

  1. Sara F

    That is a beauty! Enjoy the weekend. I’m hoping to play golf tomorrow, and maybe get a little sewing in afterward. We’ll see how that goes.

  2. Penny G

    I think you love quilting for your mom. Lots of her quilts go to others that you know and love. She is very thankful and understands that work you are doing for her. Enjoy that she knows and loves you and that she is such a giving person. I missed some of that with my mother. I didn’t know her before some very tragic things happened in her life and changed her outlook on life. Embrace what you have and love it. If anyone including me says something you don’t like ignore it. Love your life and share the good with as many as possible. You do that and inspire me to do that and that is why I read your blog.

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