I was browsing and came across a traditional bear paw quilt using a chisel block in place of some of the half square triangles and while the boys were napping this afternoon, (my brother drove through the night to get here but I’m not sure what Keith and Finn’s excuse is!) I played with the idea of a non traditional bear paw quilt for a someday quilt. 

The blocks are 9 inches finished (9.5 with seam allowances) and just for fun I recolored it in RWB too. It will go in my design file and maybe one day I’ll make it. As usual, it’s easier to design in two colors but most likely I’d go scrappy!

7 thoughts on “Chisels

  1. Jo

    Love the blue green option. My sons long time gf loves teal. Might consider that as a couch throw.

  2. Carole S

    Genius! I have the wedge die for my accuquilt, purchased second-hand as part of a package deal, and I’ve only seen a couple of patterns for using it, none of which I really liked. This one looks very appealing. Thank you for posting!

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