I realize that Pot Roast is supposed to have veggies but Keith’s Mom made it without them and served it as an open faced sandwich and that’s how he wanted it. I almost forgot to take a photo – mine was half eaten when I snapped one to send to Chris. 

I didn’t have his Mom’s recipe and she made hers in a crock pot so I looked at a number of different recipes and made my own from them. 

Pot roast

  • 2 lb roast
  • Add 1 tablespoon of oil to pan
  • Season with pepper and sear on all sides on sauté setting 
  • Onion soup packet
  • Cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 and 1/2 cups water
  • Cook on Medium Meat setting for 60 minutes

Since there were no veggies, I served it with a salad. 

I had a couple little blips … but it tasted great, the meat was nice and tender and we’ll definitely fix it again. I can’t believe I risked a new appliance and an untested recipe when I had company but Kevin says not to treat him like company so I didn’t and I got lucky!

I think Finn was trying to distract him so I’d win the game … and I did! Kevin is Finn’s godfather because he was visiting us in Tampa and Keith claims Kevin is responsible for us getting Finn while he was there. 

9 thoughts on “Success

  1. Penny G

    Willing to chance even the mistakes of cooking and the reason you got Finn – this man is the saint if house guests!

    Looks like more great family time.

  2. Donna

    Your Pot Roast looks delicious. I haven’t tried one in the Instant Pot yet, but now I will.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  3. Sue Vermeland

    Our family loves pot roast. I make mine in a “Dutch oven”…with carrots and potato. I find we like the flavor from this cast iron pot. And, I love roast beef salad sandwiches afterwards!

  4. Jackie

    Looks good. You can also add Hidden Ranch dressing, Gravy and/or Italian Salad dressing packages. They are all good. I do have a question about Finn. Will he change to all white like Chesty?

  5. Cynthia Marrs

    So glad you jumped right in and used your new Instant Pot. You’ll have fun trying recipes. Your pot roast sounds so good.

  6. Kathleen McCormick

    I’m interested in what you think about the new appliance. I’ll look forward to your updates as I can feel like it might be a great thing. My crockpot handle just broke, so I am thinking seriously about one.

  7. Mary Ann

    I have used French Onion soup pored over the roast which is also very good. Always cook mine in the crock pot……

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