Keeping score

Apparently we’re a competitive bunch and all of our activities seem to have winners and losers. This afternoon the guys played golf and while I understand it wasn’t pretty for any of them (they don’t play often) – Keith came out ahead on the golf course. 

I did head out to kayak after finishing my quilting but since the guys were busy, I had to rent a kayak rather than use mine because I can’t get it down by myself. I’ll be glad when a lower berth comes available but it won’t be this visit. 

Chris left after dinner and the Uno cards came out … this time Kevin was the winner. I wonder what the next competition will be?!

6 thoughts on “Keeping score

  1. Girl in the Stix

    Oh, you all are so happy and enjoying each other’s company so much, you all are winners! Congrats on completing all your quilts.

  2. Penny G

    I don’t care about golf scores, but the time on the water kayaking is priceless. For me getting far enough away from all shores to feel free is so calming. An occasional visit from a porpoise as it rolls through hunting breakfast is welcomed, but sadly rare. Still I am so happy to be on the water. I hope you have as much peace out there as I do.

  3. Dee Winter

    So, why didn’t you take Rae kayaking with you? Our little girls are big now, but they all are kayakers for sure. From little to big, the boats were always a hit. Big Canoe looks like a great place. Oh, and you should get Finn a life jacket and take him along!

  4. Sherrill

    Do you play dominoes? I never played them until about 4 yrs ago when a bunch of our church ladies started a monthly group. I LOVE playing even though I’m not very good.

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