Local History and Family History

Who knew the first gold rush in America was in Dahlonega GA? We took a drive today. 

We sorted through lots of family photos

Ever wonder what my ex-husband looks like?! I don’t have many photos of him around after 30 years … boy does that make me sound OLD!!! I came across this one of my brother’s wedding and that’s us behind Mom and Dad who are on the far right. Hugh’s not the only former family member … my brother and his wife divorced years ago too and you may remember that the boys lost their father (Hugh) a few months ago. Family relationships are challenging – marriages, divorces, difficult spouses, siblings who aren’t close… it makes me grateful for those special relationships I do have. 

4 thoughts on “Local History and Family History

  1. Penny G

    You are right to be thankful. My family has been torn apart by inheritance issues. Please continue to cherish what you have.

  2. Sara F

    Sorting through family photos is a need at my house too. And there is so much genealogy info my mom collected that I’ve been working to organize a little more. Since I have no siblings, I’m hoping my girls will help me tackle this one of these days.

  3. Sherrill

    Assume that’s your sister standing next to the bride because she almost looks like your twin!! Your mom still looks the same!

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