Kevin’s last day

Today was the last day of Kevin’s visit and as I type this he’s just starting his journey back to Virginia.  We decided we’d drive over to Ellijay, have lunch and wander around a bit. 

On the drive over, we rounded a corner and saw an animal in the road … a dog maybe?

Nope – a black bear cub

After that excitement, we stopped at a farmers market so Kevin could get some Georgia peaches and apple cider to take back with him. 

Had lunch and then wandered around town a bit – I found a store that sold Himalayan salt crystal lights. I bought one of the smaller lantern ones 

Even better, they make inserts for fireplaces … this one is too big and they didn’t have the smaller one in the store but he said he’d get one for me when I come back in December for my electric fireplace in the library at the Tampa house. 

We got home in time for me to make a pot of potato soup in the Instant Pot and for Keith’s new recliner to be delivered (he convinced the guy in the shop this afternoon to deliver it today).  Yes those are bears and canoes, etc. very woodsy!

All in all we had a great visit with Kevin including today’s outing!

By the way, I’d give the soup tonight a B minus although Keith thought it was good. Kevin thought it was good but agreed it might need a little tweaking! 

Bacon Potato Chowder

6 thoughts on “Kevin’s last day

  1. Penny G

    So glad you had a great last day with Kevin!
    The e soup in my reading seems a little under seasoned. The seasoned salt at a teaspoon for 5 pounds of potatoes would barely lift the flavor at all. If you want to avoid adding more salt, may I suggest some thyme. I would start with a maximum of teaspoon of dried to start ( 2- 2.5 of fresh). The flavor would not be like old southern food with a salty rich flavor, but more like a New England pot pie taste. The type of bacon and the specific cheese will also change the taste a lot. Hope you have fun playing.

  2. Shirley

    I find that if I use red skinned potatoes instead of russets for soup and also potato salad, the potatoes don’t get mushy and have a more intense potato flavor. I also add 4 oz. of cream cheese to enhance the flavor and garnish with fresh dill weed. The new chair look comfy and nap worthy!

  3. Annette Franklin

    Is the restaurant in Ellijay? It looks like one we ate at in May. We had the best coconut cake there!

  4. Brenda in Cape Town

    Seeing a pic of a bear cub is always exciting for someone living in Africa. I love the variety in your posts – family, quilting and knitting and now a soup recipe too! Thanks Mary 😊

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