Having made knit blankets for Rae and Bree I knew I’d be making one for the new baby too and the other day Chris asked me to make a blanket like I did for the Rae – he said same pattern, any color yarn I wanted. They used Rae’s blanket all the time – a while back I pulled all the photos of her that I had with her using it into a collage – and I love making things for people who use them!

I really didn’t want to make the same pattern and I knew Becky would want some input in the colors so after a few texts back and forth we had a plan and I’ve made a start. It’s an easy knit although picking up the edge stitches for the border will be a little challenge. I’ve done it before but not for a long time. 

I used TouchDraw, the same app I use for drafting quilts to come up with my stripe sequence. 

Does it surprise you to see me using inexpensive acrylic yarn? Caron Simply Soft is definitely soft, it’s easy care, and it holds up well to frequent washing. It was my first choice for the blanket and I found the colors I needed at Joann’s the other day…it was even on sale!

4 thoughts on “Knitting

  1. Susan

    I knit lots and lots of hats for donation. Would it surprise you to know that I buy 90% of my yarn (or more) at thrift shops? “Inexpensive” for one person is “too expensive” for another. It depends on your end goal too. I just got a 16 oz. skein of “Pound of Love” yarn, still unopened in the wrapper for $3.99. Paying prices like that enable me to make many, many more hats than I could afford on a fixed income if I were paying full retail price. At this moment I’m finishing up my second toddler hat from a skein of Simply Soft I also bought at the thrift shop.

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