Let’s set some August goals

We arrived home late yesterday afternoon – Keith was nice and did most the 9+ hours of driving and after unpacking the car he went to the grocery store while I worked my way through a month of mail and caught up on the paying the bills. Luckily I can get many of my bills via my bank’s e-bill feature but some I just have to guess and overpay when I’m gone for a month as I don’t get mail at Big Canoe. It’s not a big deal because the extra is applied to the following month’s bill and I avoid paying anything late. 

First up this morning I unpacked and organized myself in the sewing room and I’ve already made a start on my August goals. 

  1. Bind two quilts for Mom (I do NOT have to do the hand stitching on these).
  2. Bind 5 of my quilts
  3. Finish piecing the sashing and assemble the schoolhouse top
  4. Make HeartStrings blocks for our Block Drive
  5. Hit 1200 miles on my 2017 walking challenge – (that’s an additional 146 before the end of the month).
  6. Make progress on the new baby’s knit blanket

Today I trimmed Mom’s first quilt, made the binding, and got it machine stitched on and worked on cutting and piecing more of the sashing for the schoolhouse quilt. 

I also got a bonus mile in walking to lunch with Keith. He took the short route home and I walked home via Bayshore. It’s nice to be back here at home – after a month, the BC condo starts to feel a little small but I’ll miss the cooler weather. Even North GA in the summer can be hot and sticky but I think we had a mild July there and now we’re back to hot and steamy. My least favorite months in Tampa are July and August but I don’t think I could stand being away from home for a full two months so I’ll deal with the heat. 

I’ve got to get another 4 miles in today but I’ll wait a little longer before heading out. 

7 thoughts on “Let’s set some August goals

  1. Florence

    So glad you had a safe ride home and that Keith was with you. Be careful that you don’t overdo walking in that heat!

  2. Penny G

    My August goal is to get through the month without messing anything up too badly!

    Good luck on the 146 miles. More than 5 miles a day for the remainder of the month. Keep on walking.

  3. Sara F

    That schoolhouse quilt is looking so good already.

    Does your block drive for Heartstrings require any specific colors or center strings? I’ve made a few of these blocks again lately and would certainly be willing to share them with your project.

  4. Bonnie in Va

    Major Kudos to Keith — and to you. You both seem to get right down to work when coming in after a vacation. I’m curious — do you have a SRL camera or do you use your cell phone or? I’m impressed with the quality of most of your pictures.

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