Some progress

I always way underestimate how much time it takes for me to get caught up after traveling and you can imagine how long my non sewing to do list is after a month away from home!! I am slowly working my way through it but there’s a lot left to do and this week is almost over. 

I’m in the process of hand stitching binding #3 but not much work has been done on the Schoolhouse sashing. I also managed to knit a while on the blanket for the new baby – I can’t wait until they agree on a name for her….yes, it’s a girl and I don’t remember if I shared that with you all. I’m ready to start referring to her by name rather than calling her the new baby!

For Finn, the most crucial task was a haircut – it’s so much hotter here than it was in GA and that hair had to go! He looks so handsome. 

7 thoughts on “Some progress

  1. Julierose

    Oh he is cute sporting the new haircut!!
    Congrats on a new grand girl…what fun!!
    Re-entry always takes longer than you think it seems to me…
    hugs, Julierose

  2. Nancy

    Finn is definitely handsome!

    I think you mentioned the baby was a girl when you began knitting the blanket. Rae will be a fabulous and attentive big sister.

  3. Beth in AZ

    oh a new grandgirl! how exciting! Finn is SO CUTE! My heart wants a second dog but my mind understands with traveling, I need to keep it at one. Its so bad i have started looking for Havanese. Havanese mix puppies and dogs on Petfinder. I hope to keep it window shopping for the time being! Back to quilting!

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