Bottom of the barrel

HeartStrings is having a Block Party and while I’ve got a lot to catch up on, I couldn’t wait any longer to join in. We have several options for participating and I decided I’d make a set of half light/half dark blocks with a brown center string. It’s been a while since I went into my string bin and surprising I found that most of the bin was taken up with scraps – in the past, I’d always cut my leftovers into strings but now I’m more likely to save larger chunks to use with one of my GO dies.  Still, digging down deep, there were plenty of strings in the bottom – I’m just hoping they’re not too ugly! It seems like I’ve picked over the better ones. 

I’ve got 6 blocks made and foundations cut for more.

So my sewing room is a complete mess now, strings everywhere, trimmings from all the bindings, the fabric for the schoolhouse sashing, and some pinks for a Strippie for the new baby waiting to be pieced. 

Becky picked Flamingos after I asked her if the giraffe quilt was going to work for her now that we knew the baby is a girl. (She thought the giraffes leaned a bit to the boyish side)

9 thoughts on “Bottom of the barrel

  1. Florence

    Ugly fabric — that’ so funny — how do we wind up with them? For me, they were part of a kit, which I couldn’t bear to use, or part of a fabric pack. Well, string blocks are the best way to use them, I think.
    Love everything going on in your sewing room at once! Mine is like that now, too, and it’s so much fun!

  2. San

    Sure wished I had known you were low on strings, as I could have brought some down before you left Georgia. Heaven knows I have extra, lol.

  3. Dar in MO

    Very cute flamingos. Can’t wait so see what you come up with. Like your sting block too. I am working with strings, crumbs and all forms of scraps these days, but yours are so much prettier than mine.

  4. Bonnie in Va

    Laughing that giraffes are not girly enough! But love the pink fabrics especially the flamingos. Enjoy making a girly quilt for the soon to be granddaughter!

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