This week’s task

One last quilt to bind – it’s trimmed, the binding is made – now I just have to sew it on and handstitch it down but I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of it as I spread it out on the floor to trim it this morning – the swirls seemed endless when I was quilting this king size top but as I see the texture they created I’m glad I chose them for this quilt. 

I’m not that photogenic so I’m always kind of happy when Keith snaps a good photo of me. We had dinner down by the water tonight and in spite of the heat we sat outside. Between all the fans and the breeze from the water it was surprisingly comfortable! 

11 thoughts on “This week’s task

  1. Judy

    You’re right, that photo of you is a keeper.
    I love the background on the quilt. Do you remember what it is? And the quilting is great. It always amazes me that the quilting adds so much.

  2. Bonnie Lindsay

    Great photo of you; it is a keeper. The plus quilt is on my list to do. Thank you for all your quilting.

  3. Penny Guglielmoni

    The photo is amazing so Keith must be a magician rather than a photographer. Nice quilt so whoever its for will be thrilled.

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