As a quilter, I rarely use or even learn what odd sewing attachments come with my machines. Give me a quarter inch foot, a regular sewing machine foot, a freemotion foot, and a walking foot and the rest are ignored. 

I like to cut my binding 2.5 inches and use my regular sewing machine foot to attach it UNLESS I have a pieced border with points that requires me to use the 1/4 inch foot but the regular foot on the Jane is too narrow to sew my binding perfectly so it folds over and just covers the seam when I hand stitch but I found this seam guide with the other feet I don’t use and decided I’d try it out. It works perfectly … now I just need to see if I can use it with the walking foot because for some reason, there’s no hole for a quilting guide on that. I will be VERY, VERY, VERY happy if this attachment works with the walking foot. I’m using it here with my quarter inch foot. 

2 thoughts on “Attachments

  1. Nancy

    I don’t use all the presser feet on my machine. I played with them when my machine was new and then promptly forgot about them.

  2. Alison

    I’ve found that the ‘Sew Straight’ guide from Quilt in a Day works well too. I line up the guide line with the seam width that I want. It gives a bit more length for aligning the fabric to the guide.

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