This room needs more work 

So my library is in transition. I lOVED my original design – the two chairs with the table and lamp between them and my custom designed built in bookshelves … but we found that every time we had company, this is the room we all congregated in and there were ONLY two seats!! We decided to switch the chairs to flank the fireplace and add a love seat between the windows and two cubes that are either side tables, ottomans, or seats depending on what we need them to be at the time. 

The new furniture arrived today and while we still need to work out the lighting, the carpet, and some other pieces in the room I’m confident I can get it to the point that I love it as much as I did the original space AND how great will it be to be able to seat more people? To sit on the love seat and read to all the kids? 

I admit I’m still adjusting to it being more of a living room space than a library space but it’s definitely more functional and I’ll appreciate it when we have company. 

3 thoughts on “This room needs more work 

  1. Penny Guglielmoni

    I had written a long comment and accidentally deleted it. Thanks for the memories of my uncle’s library that also served as my aunt’s 3rd dining area.

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