Today I sewed along with my HeartStrings group – some of them are meeting in person in Roberts, WI and some of us are sewing along from home. String piecing is messy business … at least it is in my sewing room!

I finished up a set of 48 blocks and even though I’m going to send these in for our block drive, I couldn’t resist quickly laying them out to get an idea of how the quilt will look. 

16 thoughts on “HeartStrings

  1. Florence

    A block drive? Does that mean they will put yours in the mix, or lay it out as you have done? It looks beautiful as is! And Becky must be excited — her quilt is gorgeous!

  2. Linda

    48 blocks! No wonder you had strings everywhere! They look great, I especially like the contrast between the fawn blocks and the darker ones. It really emphasises the pattern and design of the quilt.

  3. PJ

    What a pretty layout. It will be a shame to break up these beautiful blocks. Hopefully they will keep them together.

  4. Diane

    So beautiful! I really must try making a string quilt. You really have a great eye for colors. And the quilt for your daughter in law is georgeous too. How lucky she is to get this precious gift.

  5. Sheila

    Your quilts, as usual, are so inspiring. I like your quilting set-up – what is the name of the quilting table that you use; space is limited in my apartment, but it looks like something that would work for me. Thanks.

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