Yesterday’s finish

The last of my binding is done! Becky’s king size quilt is bound but I still need to redo a couple short sections of the quilting –  both are less than an inch and I’ve got to find them again first!

6 thoughts on “Yesterday’s finish

  1. Julierose

    Just gorgeous and it looks so pretty on the bed…she will be thrilled I am sure…
    you are on a roll these days…;}}}}} hugs, Julierose

  2. tirane93

    i’ve a little group of quilting friends and we are fond of telling each other that whichever recently completed quilt is being shown off “will look great on my bed!” i love this one, so if becky doesn’t like it, it’ll look great on my bed!

  3. Joan Parker

    Mary, when I find a spot I have to go back to, I put a small safety pin in it (it might be thread ends that need pulling in or a place that needs ripped out and requilted). That way, it’s easy to find later.

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