Dinner tonight 

I was going to share this recipe for balsamic glazed pork made in the Instant Pot but the website must be down right now which makes me glad that I saved the recipe to my iPad when I found it a few days ago.  If the link doesn’t work, check back later because it was pretty good and we’ll definitely have it again. I served it with coleslaw and some sweet potato wedges that I fixed in the airfryer.  I think I’m turning into my Mom who was the queen of kitchen gadgets and devices. She had to downsize her kitchen stuff significantly when she moved a year and a half ago. 

So while there are lots of ways to save websites and pdf’s I admit my favorite is using iBooks on my iPad. I can organize by quilting, by recipes, by any categories you want and the info is available even when I’m offline. 

To use, when on a webpage, click the square with the arrow on the top left of your iPad screen and scroll right to find the iBooks icon. It will turn any website you’re on into a PDF file and save it or you can save PDF files the same way.  

I also save all my digital copies of books I buy from Martingale on iBooks but I’m an Amazon user so most of my actual digital books are read on the kindle. Initially I kept all my files in the same folder on iBooks but as I saved more and more, it’s easier to have them in folders. Check this link for more info on using iBooks. 

3 thoughts on “Dinner tonight 

  1. Charleen

    Thanks, Mary, that looks delicious!! I like the option of crockpot or Instant Pot too.

    I use iBooks too for everything except recipes. For those I love the Paprika app. It syncs between my mac, ipad and phone and I always have my recipes with me. It’s really come in handy when I’m visiting my kids and they want me to make one of their favorites!!

  2. Jan Altomare

    Wow I never use ibooks. I think I need to go check it out. I save so many files as PDF on my laptop and the cloud. This may be the trick I need. Better check on my icloud storage first.

  3. Sara F

    I use iBooks too, but noticed that most of the things I’ve saved there were work related reading. So I’m thinking I can clear out most of those books and articles now that I’m no longer at that job, and make room for more patterns and recipes. My leisure reading is also mostly on my Kindle app on the iPad.

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