Still on my design wall

I’m moving very slow when it comes to finishing up my to do list for August – I’ve almost run out of steam but there is some progress on the Schoolhouses. I’ve moved on to piecing the 9 patch cornerstones. 

I’ve also started a new quilt – inspired by a vintage one found on eBay. 

There’s knitting going on too but I don’t expect to finish anything this week …. just slow progress on both quilts and the knit blanket. 

5 thoughts on “Still on my design wall

  1. Bunny

    I have to pace myself due to low-energy issues. I do a little bit here, a little bit more later. It all adds up!

  2. Clara

    Love the schoolhouse and the new quilt!

    On the new quilt, it looks like you’ve sewn a strip set and then cut a triangle section. What ruler do you use to do this?

  3. Cindy in NC

    I would also love to know your method/tools for making hourglass blocks. I tried this block recently but was not pleased with my results. Your fabrics are so striking.

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