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This week’s task

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One last quilt to bind – it’s trimmed, the binding is made – now I just have to sew it on and handstitch it down but I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of it as I spread it out on the floor to trim it this morning – the swirls seemed endless when I was quilting this king size top but as I see the texture they created I’m glad I chose them for this quilt. 

I’m not that photogenic so I’m always kind of happy when Keith snaps a good photo of me. We had dinner down by the water tonight and in spite of the heat we sat outside. Between all the fans and the breeze from the water it was surprisingly comfortable! 


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I’ve had several questions about Mom’s Pineapple quilt in my last post. She used Foundation by the Yard by Benartex to make it but I admit my favorite way to make one is the Quilt in a Day sew and trim method. I’ve somehow misplaced my book and the square up ruler so I might just reorder them myself. 

These blocks are a good size and go quickly. Mom made three baby quilts using the Quilt in a Day method too – one in pinks, one in blues, and one in greens that were all very sweet. I think she would agree this was easier than the foundation piecing although  I love the results of that one too and am thrilled that it’s mine now. 

This one is Rae’s

It’s not a one way street

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Since my blog is usually about what I’ve accomplished during the day, you get to see the things I do for Mom but in case you didn’t realize it, this is not a one way street. Many of my quilts are collaborations with Mom and she’s always been willing to exchange labor with me. Most recently she’s pieced two bed size quilts and I convinced her that since she didn’t often use her pinapple quilt that I should have it. She sent the quilt with my brother and it’s on the bed at Big Canoe but I’m debating whether I want it here in Tampa or there. 

I don’t know if she has a label on it but it’s been years since I quilted it for her. I think we were still living in Marietta and we left there in 2006.  I don’t even recognize the pantograph so I bet it’s one I used on the larger Gammill.  One of the disadvantages of having downsized the longarm when we moved to Minneapolis is that the throat space of the smaller Premier only allows me to quilt a 12 inch wide pantograph.  That means having to roll the quilts and realign the pattern more often which takes more time. 

Not a very good photo … I prefer this bed up against the wall but since it’s our only guest room at Big Canoe (my longarm is in the 3rd bedroom) placing the bed here allows me to set up cots on either side when the kids are there with their little ones. 


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The RWB rectangle quilt is finished. It’s #6 of 7 in my binding marathon and a UFO started in Oct 2015. 

This one was inspired by an antique quilt and instructions are on my website.

It is also a donation quilt and will go with several other completed quilts to Kathy in WI.  She donates RWB quilts to a local hospice where they’re presented to veterans. 

I know many of you are involved with making quilts for veterans and I have more inspiration on the website. I often design in RWB even when I make my quilts in different colors to help provide inspiration. Looking over the list, I see I need to update it too! 

It’s also labeled. When I’m adding a label during binding I like to put it in the bottom right corner with two edges tucked under the binding. Several people also commented the other day that they thought the year should be included on the label — I agree and when I label my quilts they DO have the dates on them but unless I think I’m going to use an entire sheet of labels during a year, I prefer to write the year in by hand with a permanent fabric marker. 

I also checked my UFO spreadsheet and realized that this makes UFO #12 for the year. Twelve UFO’s per year is an ongoing goal for me although I do like to surpass it these days since my total UFO number has been creeping up since the longarm has been in GA. I number all my UFO’s and each year new ones get added to the bottom of the list so a lower number means an older UFO.  Half of these completed were just from last year but the oldest one was from 2008 and as you can see there are some lower numbers on the list too. 

  • 1
  • 3
  • 6
  • 8
  • 14
  • 17
  • 19
  • 20
  • 22
  • 23
  • 25
  • 27

Solar Eclipse 

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Here in Tampa we’re obviously not in the path of the total solar eclipse but I plan to view the partial eclipse. I’ve ordered glasses (safe ones!) and this website allows you to input your zip code and it will tell you how much of the eclipse your location will see and what time to view it. 

And just in case you need a link to safe viewing instructions – here’s one from NASA. 

Instant Pot

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I mentioned that I might get an Instant Pot here in Tampa after trying out the one in GA and it arrived today. I decided to try a new recipe tonight – Chicken, rice, and broccoli.  I followed the recipe except I’d read that broccoli got mushy so I steamed it in the microwave  and added it at the end with the cheese just like she added her frozen broccoli. I always get the steamer bags anyway. 

I loved how easy this was to make but Keith and I both gave this a C. I found it a little bland and a little sticky but worth looking at other recipes and adapting it some.  

Another beautiful sky at sunset tonight – the view behind the house.

I also spent time in the sewing room but nothing to show today for my efforts. I should be finished binding #6 tomorrow. 

This Evening

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Dinner in the village …

And then a walk with Finn in the neighborhood …

Love where we live even when I’m complaining of the heat!! We jumped in the pool for a swim after I walked Finn. Not sure why I don’t spend more time out by the pool but it might be because I’m usually upstairs sewing and viewing it from the window!


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Do you label quilts? I have gotten so bad about sending quilts off without labels in the last 3 years and keep thinking I’m going to improve but the reality is most of my donation quilts get sent without them these days. Over the years I’ve used a variety of different methods and today I did one of my easy versions for a quilt going off to Becky’s grandmother. 

I use the Avery label making app to design them. Lots of cute clip art and graphics are available. 

Once I have a design and have tested the print page, I use a Printed Treasures sheet in my ink jet printer. This particular label will print 6 to a page and leave space between each one for sewing them on.  Pressing the label after I cut them apart makes it easier to peel the backing. 

I find the tight weave of the label fabric hard to sew through and if I border the label with one of the fabrics from the quilt, I can roll the edge under and applique it to the quilt. I cut this border 1 and an 1/8 inches wide but I probably could have done 1 inch and still have had plenty to roll under. 

What’s your favorite label?