Silver linings

We so enjoy spending time with Chris, Becky, and Rae! It was a windy, rainy day but we managed to enjoy ourselves – crafts, family time, football. GO Vikings!

Poor Adam was still without power tonight but hopefully they’ll get it back on tomorrow. 

7 thoughts on “Silver linings

  1. Judy

    I’m glad you had family where you could wait out the storm. We have good friends in Boca Raton who drove to their daughters in Tampa, then the storm changed direction. They drove back to Boca and rode it out in their own home. Talked to them yesterday, they are fine, house is ok but still without power.

  2. Penny Guglielmoni

    This storm had so many people without power and some without places to go, I need to remember my family is blessed. My younger daughter went to her sister’s house and they cooked because they are proficient campers. My older daughter works in public broadcasting and spent 2 days in a studio catching occasional naps while the very pregnant news director had to be rescued from her home and the water came into the public broadcasting building because of flooding in Jacksonville. Power outages continue across 3 states and no serious issues. Ain’t life grand. I have to say I see the pictures of you with Chris’s family and think wonderful mini vacation. Most of Florida fared so much better than expected because of the slight jog in path and I am giving prayers of thanks.

  3. Beverly Tyner

    So glad to see you and your family were in a safe place during Irma. You definitely made the right decision to leave the area of your home. Don’t ever hesitate to do that. It’s always better to be safe than sorry later. You never know what Mother Nature will do.

  4. Angie

    Wonderful news that you and your family are all safe, and your home in Tampa may only have minor damage if any. (hoping for zero damage)

  5. Shirley

    Good news that your place did not sustain any substantial damage. Enjoy your time with family and have safe travel when you return home.

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