Thank you all – those that have written to check on and encourage and those who have offered prayers during the days leading up to and after Hurricane Irma’s threat to Florida and Georgia. We are incredibly blessed. 

I’ll admit I’m exhausted in body and mind after the last week and a half but I’m home and my house is intact without any damage that we’ve found so far. We have power and water here although surprising, Big Canoe took a big hit from the storm and the handyman who helps me out there hasn’t yet been able to get to the condo to check on it. Power and water is out there and they estimate that there are 500-700 downed trees in the community, many of them blocking roads and they estimate it will take at least 3 days before all the roads are passable. 

As with everything else with this storm, we debated when to head home. We knew traffic would be terrible no matter when we decided to head back but with my trip to Maine looming, I knew I needed to get back sooner rather than later if I was still going to be able to go so we climbed in the car at 6:30 pm last night and arrived home at 7:30 am this morning. TRAFFIC was HORRIFIC on interstate 75 the entire way. 

We worried about gas being available as many stations were out of gas in south GA and in FL but Becky told me about an app called Gas Buddy and the Subaru gets really, really good gas mileage so we stopped at 3 stations along the way, one didn’t have gas and the other two were madhouses but we were able to keep the tank full – I don’t think we ever got much below 3/4’s of a tank. 

Let me just say that Finn was wonderful – not a single whimper in 13 hours. I gave him his Bonine and he slept a good bit, no apparent nausea, no vomiting. I did most of the driving last night and Keith managed some naps here and there so he stayed up with Finn when we got home and I collapsed into bed. I’m up now and after lots of cuddles, he’s settled down to nap beside me in the chair.  We are SO blessed … he’s a wonderful puppy and has been very adaptable. 

I will spend some time in the sewing room over the next few days but I’m saving the schoolhouses until I get back from Maine, I’ll work on the spool blocks – starting tomorrow. Today is for relaxing and maybe a little knitting. 

11 thoughts on “Standstill 

  1. Nancy

    Glad to hear you didn’t experience a lot of storm damage and that you arrived home safely.

    Will Finn eventually outgrown the carsickness?

  2. Susie Q

    Thanks for letting us know. So happy that you are not dealing with water, etc. I kidded my cousin about the trees over the roads what with three guys in her house and chain saw. BUT she told me that the trees had electric wires in them and it was not worth the risk. So I have a new respect for trees across the roads.

  3. Penny Guglielmoni

    Glad you are home safely and that there were no major dramas. I got an e-mail today saying there may be a detour on I-75 so that makes your choice to leave last night better. Florida is a hot mess, but so many are safe and we are happy for that. Finn gets cuter with every picture.

  4. Sara F

    I’m glad you are back home and no damage there. It truly is ironic that your property in GA probably has more storm damage than your home in Tampa. Who would have guessed! Good thing you weren’t both at Big Canoe during the storm.

  5. carolyn

    Happy to hear that all is well at home now that the storm is gone. My daughter in Orlando never lost power and there was no damage in her area, just trees down. She was blessed. Enjoy the time at home before you hit the road again!

  6. Sheila

    So glad to hear you were spared in Tampa and made it home without much trouble. I hope the condo fares as well.

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