Yes, this is a quilting blog

Since I haven’t sewn in two weeks how about I share some vintage inspiration with you I found on eBay. I’m constantly looking for quilting ideas – some of which I manage to use, others never make it into one of my quilts but maybe you’ve been inspired by something I’ve shared here. 

I recently finished my Grandmother’s Fan quilt – I have the Accuquilt GO Dresden Plate die and I’ve just made this one quilt and cut this one of Mom’s from that die. I’d love to make a Dresden Plate and this vintage one appeals to me in spite of the fact that I’m taking FOREVER to do similar sashing on the Schoolhouses!!! Notice that my fans have a straight edge and Mom’s have the pointed edges –  both can be made from the same die. 

And how about this hexagon quilt?! I also have that GO die and while I’ve played with piecing hexagon flowers, I haven’t actually made a quilt with them. It’s an unusual setting which I like. 

This is probably not one I’ll end up making although I am VERY drawn to the idea of embroidery on quilts and save lots of inspirational photos for a some day quilt. It’s hand quilted too!

3 thoughts on “Yes, this is a quilting blog

  1. Sharon Ray

    So glad you made it home and house is OK, I live in Oviedo FL and was extremely fortunate not to lose power during the storm. Small leak but nothing like others have endured. Poor Key West and the other islands that are so much worse! Enjoy your updates whether quilt related or not.

  2. Penny Guglielmoni

    The title suggests that people may have said something regarding lack of quilting content. I love this blog and have loved every word of your recent blogs.

  3. Bunny

    I second Penny’s comment. It may be a quilting blog, yet I consider it YOUR blog. I love your blog and love All of your comments. B

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