Tying quilts

When I stop talking I make some progress on my tying! Bev had my corner all set up for me and I’m working hard on catching up with everyone and tying quilts. 

We’ve already got a big stack of quilts to donate because we brought some finished quilts with us. 

I’ve got 4 tied and Jackie and Rebecca are binding them. Look at the soft Cuddle backing donated by Shannon Fabrics.  This quilt is one going to a local home for veterans. 

We also have lots of backings made and sent by Tish – some left over from previous years and some newly sent but it’s great to pull a top for tying and find a matching back. You can see I have my work cut out for me … the tops waiting are in front and the backings we’re pulling from are in the back. 

I feel so fortunate to be able to come and work with this group of HeartStrings quilters!

8 thoughts on “Tying quilts

  1. Florence

    All of that scrappinesss is stunning! I would have to open each one to admire them all. Does anyone
    photograph them? You are part of a wonderful group of people. Have fun!

  2. San

    In this day of fabric going for $12.00 a yard, it’s so nice to see so much giving and donating still being done. Wish I could join you in tying.

  3. Bonnie in Va

    Nifty tying station. Your work is for a great cause but I hope you enjoy the time with like-minded quilters. Your recent pictures of Finn are darling. That guy makes me want to have a pup just like him although the current plan is not to get another dog after our Kona is no longer with us. Please remind me what type of dog Finn is. My cocker used to “eat” fabric too — mostly he’d grab something and wet it down. Enjoy a lobster roll in my honor! I’m a huge fan of lobster.

  4. Penny Guglielmoni

    Nothing makes me feel better than doing something to help someone deserving. I see the good things going on there and think how wonder to being doing good things with like minded people. hope the talking and tying continue to bring joy to all.

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