Another busy day

More tying, more laughter, more quilts finished and ready for donation. 

I loved tying this top Rebecca made for our Rainbow Strings project. Normally I use a single thread color but I matched up my colors to the colors in her quilt. 

Rebecca is always my binding buddy … once the tops are tied someone need to sew the binding and since I don’t have a machine with me, I depend on others. ( Jackie has also helped out with binding – nice for me and Rebecca!)

7 thoughts on “Another busy day

  1. Robin

    Your setup is designed for easy production! Looks like fun.

    Can you tell me where you get your thread for tying? I know you have posted it before, but I wasn’t able to find that post in your blog.


  2. The Joyful Quilter

    Another pretty String Quilt, but don’t think that I missed that MASSIVE stack of quilts in the background!!! Busy group of quilters, you are! I know that you are having loads of fun, Mary.

  3. Andrea

    It looks like a great group to tie quilts with. How far apart do you usually tie the blocks? I’ve seen anything from 4″ apart to 12″ apart, but I’m never quite sure. Happy quilting! Andrea

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