Walking, eating, shopping

I’m not much of a shopper but we do visit LL Bean when we are here. Keith found a few things and we found a ‘home dec’ representation of Casco Bay to hang in the library – it’s not a photo or a map but we liked it. 

Don’t worry, that lobster roll wasn’t that small – I took a couple (big) bites before I thought to photograph it. 

I also wanted to share another one of Ann’s quilts – I liked her zigzag strings but liked the black and brights better than the pastel fabrics so aren’t I lucky she had extra blocks and made one of those too – this is definitely going in my inspiration file. 

4 thoughts on “Walking, eating, shopping

  1. Penny Guglielmoni

    Lobster rolls are so good from up there, but no success in the south. Love the quilt. Hope you guys continue to have a fun and relaxing time.

  2. Bonnie Lindsay

    I have a pile of string block and I think Ann’s quilt top has given me inspiration for the setting that I have been struggling with. Enjoy the beautiful Maine weather.

  3. grace thorne

    was that at linda bean’s topside tavern? she has a lobstering business in port clyde, also a snack bar at the maine mall too..plus at the airport i think…better than standing in line at red’s for the same thing…

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