A long walk and a sunset sail

Doesn’t it sound like a perfect day?!

We walked along the water and then through the center of town. Stopping now and then to enjoy the views. 

Keith likes to find a bench and watch the world go by. 

We walked by an old cemetery

And stopped to document some of the headstones. I love the Billion Graves app. It marks the graves with GPS coordinates and uploads directly from the app. Either I can transcribe the graves or other volunteers will. There were a lot of graves from the 1800’s and many that were too worn to even read. 

We also went on a sunset cruise on a 100 year old sailboat. Years ago we’d gone on one with Keith’s parents. 

We’ve agreed that we’ll try to spend the month of October here next year. We’ve done that a couple times and it’s been wonderful. We both love Maine!

10 thoughts on “A long walk and a sunset sail

  1. Florence

    October in Maine — what a wonderful goal to look forward to! I love the photo of the two of you!
    Safe trip home.

  2. Carmel

    What a wonderful idea and caring attitude to document the graves.
    I didn’t know about the app. I hope it works here in Australia 🇦🇺 too as I have often been saddened to see our history lost from faded inscriptions.
    Maine looks beautiful.

  3. Penny Guglielmoni

    So happy that you two share your wonderful experiences. Maine is even more beautiful when see through the eyes of someone who loves it.

  4. Ruth

    Where were you when you wrote this? We’ve started to go to southern coastal Maine, and love it! So I’m looking for places not too far north from Portland to check out. Liked Booth Bay Harbor, but once was enough. Love Ogunquit, the Yorks, Kittery, etc, etc.

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