It was a full day

I intended to sew today but one thing led to another and I didn’t even turn the machine on. One disadvantage of being gone so much is that I let things pile up … my office area desperately needs attention although that didn’t happen today. 

However I did make progress in other areas. 

There was sorting and organizing of fabric

Sorting and packing of scarves to be donated

Ends were woven in on the washcloths being donated with the scarves

A Strippie and a doll quilt were pin basted and are ready for quilting

A couple crocheted afghans were set aside for donation with the next batch of baby quilts. 

7 thoughts on “It was a full day

  1. San

    Funny, I have the same office. Although, the paperwork is spread all over the guest bed.

    Sounds as if you’ve gotten quite a bit done.

  2. Rose H

    Mary, when I saw the crocheted afghan photo it reminded me of an article I saw in the Minneapolis Star Tribune recently about inmates at the low-security all-male prison in Sandstone, MN working with students from the U of MN. The students asked for donations of yarn for inmates to crochet animals to be donated to children’s charities. A heartwarming story. Tried to provide a link to the article “Inmates crochet way to redemption in Project Teddy Bear,” but it didn’t work. If you want to read article, can Goggle the title and it will get you there. Their animals remind me of the ones you crocheted for your grandchildren.

  3. Florence

    Paperwork!! I dealt with that last April and May — almost every day until I was completely finished — filing only very necessary papers and recycling the rest — except three bags of papers that contained personal info — those I brought to Staples to be shredded. It was SO FREEING! Since I never want our children to have to deal with it, I’ve kept it up.
    On another note — you and Keith are the most generous and caring people! What a blessing you both are to those in need.

  4. Penny Guglielmoni

    Missed your positive outlook on life because I have been sick and have been travelling. Good to have a moment to share your life.

  5. Nancy

    An impressive stack of donations! I knit washcloths for donations, too. They are quick to knit and so practical for donating.

    The stacks of paper on my desk looks very similar to yours. It seems never-ending.

  6. ---"Love"

    It appears that all quilters prefer to sort and organize our fabric stash before doing necessary paper work at our desks. My desk looks very similar to yours! What’s worse, my sewing room is almost as bad! Guess which I plan to work on today! —“Love”

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