So I thought things had been busy around here but they’re about to get busier, again. I was going to post a long explanation but a short one will do – we’ve decided to sell our Big Canoe condo so I’ve got another move to plan and manage. 

Phase 1 – we’d put off replacing the carpet in all three upstairs bedrooms (and the stairs and hallway) but before I bring the longarm here I need to have that done and we will be moving our bedroom into the room that is now my sewing room and I’ll take the big bedroom for my studio.

Carpet measure was done today, carpet has been ordered and I just have to find a place downstairs for all the bins and other stuff in the 7 upstairs closets that need to be emptied for the install in the next 2-3 weeks. 

I took a break from planning to spend some time reading on the porch – yep! I think it’s finally porch season again. 

7 thoughts on “Busier

  1. Florence

    I think you need to hire a strong young man to carry all those heavy bins downstairs for you!

  2. Sara F

    You’ll enjoy having your longarm in Florida, I’m sure. But you have lots of work ahead of you to make it all happen. Hope it goes smoothly. We are replacing carpet in only 1 room in the next month and I’m dreading all of the furniture moving.

  3. Penny Guglielmoni

    I hope this is a happy choice and means you are headed to something and somewhere fantastic.

  4. Deb P

    So does this mean you will scope out a place in Maine? Good luck on getting everything done and hoping the sale of Big Canoe goes quickly!

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