We’ve been here two plus years so I guess it’s past time to sort and organize but I’m not happy with the interruption in my plans to sew all month. 

I did sew a little yesterday just so I could clear away all the leftover fabric. All the 9 patches and sashing pieces have been completed on the schoolhouse quilt and now I just have to assemble the pieces into a top. I haven’t seen the top of my cutting table in months!

All the bins underneath have also been dealt with and are either combined back into the big string bin or placed on one the shelves in the closet in my bedroom. Yesterday – I cleared out and organized the closet to make room for my open bins that I don’t want to have to carry downstairs.  Some of this went back on the shelves but a lot went into a bag along with shoes and clothes that will be donated. 

I’ve made 4 quilts from my bright strings during our Rainbow Strings project in the last year or so but you’d never know it from the number of strings left. I’m going to have to find some time to make some more HeartStrings blocks or the remaining strings are going to outgrow the bin.  These bright ones were fun but then really, all HeartStrings quilts are fun to make. Easy, no stress, and frugal as they use up all those leftover bits and pieces from other quilts. 

The installers set the date today so I have until the 17th. I think I should have most of the work done this weekend when Keith will be home to help carry the larger bins downstairs and then I hope to find some time to sew next week before closing up my sewing tables. We’ll see how it goes. The hard work in the sewing room is done and two of 7 upstairs closets are emptied and ready. 

6 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Bonnie in Va

    Your bright string quilts are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing. Moving is such fun! NOT! Will there be a different escape location for you in the future?

  2. Linda

    Four gorgeous bright Rainbow String Quilts. Well done for clearing closets, I’m on a similar mission: to sort through every drawer, shelf and cupboard in our house and to throw lots away. Gradually going through, room by room. Slow but sure.

  3. JoEllen

    I would also like to know where you got the cutting table, I would love to put my BIG board ironing board on top of it and have all that storage!

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