I am a procrastinator 

I’ve told you all this before and I’d like to blame it on the fact that I’m traveling so much but the reality is that I’m a pack rat and a procrastinator. Apparently I require deadlines for tasks that I don’t want to do and as much as I might be griping about the time it’s taking to prep for the upstairs carpet install, I’m kind of glad I’ve been forced into to sorting, discarding, and organizing. 

Today’s task – and it did take all day – was to prep my office area. Everything has been filed or shredded and all the bins are ready for Keith to cart downstairs tomorrow. Impressive isn’t it?!

I also fixed dinner – yummy chicken nachos. The chicken is cooked in 15 minutes in the Instant Pot although prep and coming up to pressure took an additional 15 minutes. Keith adds salsa to his but I’m not allowed – I hadn’t eaten anything all day so I was hungry but my eyes were bigger than my stomach so luckily Keith was willing to eat my leftovers!

3 thoughts on “I am a procrastinator 

  1. Cindy in NC

    I went through this exercise last winter when we replaced flooring. It felt good to lighten up and pass along things we were no longer using. Unfortunately, the most cluttered areas of the house – garage, attic, and my third-floor sewing space – were not part of this project. I need something to motivate me to tackle these areas.

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