4 thoughts on “Bricks

  1. The Joyful Quilter

    Those are some awesome green quilts!! I have a Mystery quilt made with a lot of greens that is a favorite of mine. Why? Because it was the first quilt that my DH ever remarked on. He like it, so it was hung in his office. That made me SEW happy!!

  2. Sandra Kahler

    My favorite is the second quilt. but I like the first quilt for simple sewing. The last quilt is too busy for me maybe if I saw the quilt I person it would not appear as busy. That is why we have so many patterns each person likes something different.

  3. grace thorne

    lol…we all say that mary but i do agree as i’ve not been able to buy for the past 1.5 years yet i have sewn nearly every day from my stash, which has only diminished very little…

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