Nothing much to show around here but in case you’re curious … Keith’s been gone so it’s just been me and Finn and there’s been football and knitting … the Vikings managed to squeak out a win Monday night but it wasn’t pretty. 

Unpacking and a mountain of laundry has been done. 

I’m trying to get back in my walking groove after all the travel from last month but it’s hard to get motivated so I’m trying to do some every day. I’m also trying to get back in the habit of knitting some each day now that Finn will allow it. Sometimes he’s still a little too curious about the yarn and project but I can usually convince him to lay down and take a nap beside me. 

Keith and I were able to finalize our plans for spending next October in Maine. We found a cute little cottage near Willard beach – the area we stayed in 6 years ago. We won’t have a view of the water from our rental like we did then but it’s just a few houses down so it will be close by and we’ll walk Finn on the beach like we did with Chesty.  

Tomorrow I have a massage scheduled and I need to tackle the fabric closet – it’s the last one to be cleared before the carpet is installed next week. Luckily I don’t have to clear the shelves but there are a bunch of bins and quilts that have to be moved.

3 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. Sara F

    You’re right about the ugly win, but it did make Vikings fans happy.

    Looks like you are knitting something pretty. The red yarn is luscious. Your picture was similar to my Monday evening, only I was binding a quilt and had a big black cat curled up next to my legs.

  2. grace thorne

    my aunt lived walking distance from willard beach for many years…i love that drive down to ft william park esp where the water comes right up to the road…

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