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I think I’ve asked before how many personal quilts you all have – probably like now when I’m getting ready for a move and have to make room for them all. 

As I cleaned out the final closet in preparation for the carpet install I count 11 quilts that are still here waiting to be donated – 3 of them are ones I’m ambivalent about actually giving away which is why they’ve set for a while. So after neatly refolding them all to carry downstairs, I decided to count how many quilts I currently own. 

Vintage quilts

  1.  Red and Green 25 patch from Lancaster
  2.  Tumblers from Stillwater MN
  3.  Tree of Life – ? Purchased
  4.  Log Cabin summer spread – from Little Quilts in Marietta 
  5.  My grandmother’s top hand quilted by Aunt Dot
  6.  Grandmother’s Flower Garden – mid Atlantic Quilt Festival

Personal quilts in FL

  1.  king size red and beige Double X – pieced by Mom, quilted by me
  2.  Queen size red and beige HST – made by Mom and me
  3.  Mom’s scrappy 9 patch with flower border – hand quilted
  4.  Mom’s blue and white star
  5.  Twin log cabin quilt – pieced by Mom
  6.  Twin log cabin quilt – pieced by Mom
  7.  Log cabin picnic quilt
  8.  HeartStrings White and Purple – (caretaker/lung cancer quilt)
  9.  HeartStrings Anniversary quilt
  10.  Pineapple
  11.  Pineapple Blossom
  12.  Autumn Log Cabin
  13.  Mom’s autumn Log Cabin with appliqué leaves
  14.  Carolina Lily pieced by Mom, quilted by Debbie
  15.  Pink and beige log cabin – purchased from Quilt pink made by Little Quilts
  16.  Small blue/green St Louis 16 Patch
  17.  Autumn Rail Fence

Personal Quilts in GA

  1.  Queen size Green Toile
  2.  Mom’s Pink and purple Pineapple,quilted by me
  3.  King size half square strings
  4.  Green double 4 patch – pieced by Mom, quilted by me
  5.  Green and Bright Flannel
  6.  Keith’s flannel
  7.  Small Grey circles and Pluses
  8.  Green vertical Strippie 
  9.  Christmas Jewel Box pieced by Mom, quilted by me
  10.  Red and white Irish chain pieced by Mom, quilted by me
  11.  Green Birds in the air pieced by Mom, quilted by me

Still to be quilted

  1.  My green baskets – pieced by Mom
  2.  My blue Schoolhouses –  blocks appliqued by Mom
  3. Scrappy Tumblers

That’s 37 quilts assuming I haven’t forgotten any of the ones in Big Canoe. Having gone through this process I decided NOT to keep any of the 11 finished ones waiting for donation. As it is I’m going to find it a challenge to use/display/store the ones I have now that half of them won’t be at Big Canoe. 

How many do you have?!!

10 thoughts on “More accounting


    none yet! My mother guilted me into giving all I have made to her! Someday I will get to keep one.

  2. Ellen

    We have kept a stack of wallhangings and tablerunners (13 I think).

    We have 4 bed quilts at the cabin. (3 beds)

    We have 4 bed quilts and 2 lap quilts at our primary home. (2 beds)

    My goal is 4 quilts per bed for maximum warmth in the deep winter.

  3. Susan

    I’ve only kept two. I’ve made some for my children and grandchildren, but mostly I make them for donation. I use mostly fabric from thrift stores, except for quilts for my family, and I have a massive amount of fabric. I have 70 boxes full in the storage room and I’m not counting what’s in my sewing room. I always say I’m sewing in self-defense, trying to whittle down the mountain.

  4. Girl in the Stix

    I have a backlog of quilt tops, and several in production (no long-arm machine–and I need to rearrange the living room for quilting on the domestic machine). I love your quilts, and it would be so hard to make a choice. That being said, I’ve given away more quilts than I’ve kept over the years.

  5. Florence

    I’ve kept 11 quilts — two strictly winter, the rest are all-season. All the others were made for family, friends and donations. Two years ago, I made a promise to myself not to buy any more fabric because I loved it. Now I only purchase what I need for my current project. I’m down 73 yards — hooray!! And, since I don’t cut leftovers, I have no bins of strings or scraps.

  6. Laura Haynes

    I have three quilts. Two were made for me by my grandmothers. The third, is one that I slept on as a pallet on the floor while visiting my paternal grandmother. It was already a utility quilt when I was a child in the 1960s. The muslin pulled to the front as a binding, wasn’t strong enough. Most of the squares along the edges are mangled. I spent a month just hand-stitching all over one square to stabilize it. It’s only valuable to me. I may or may not do further work on it. But I will snuggle under it again in the winter.
    (Other than that, we have three made in China quilts.)

  7. Jeannie

    I have 10, counting 3 that are on the smaller size and 2 bed size tops ready for quilting that will make it 12. That’s more than enough for my small condo and my occasional guests. It’s nice to have charitable groups that can use quilts, so we have a reason to them!

  8. Dar Sforza

    I agree with The Joyful Quilter — counting quilts hurts my head. lol Which in my case translates to — TOO MANY. I have stopped buying fabric and only make scrap quilts, but donate more than I keep. Currently each year I give 5-8 to family for special occasions. My extended family is huge (35 first cousins and then their children) so I still have lots to go.

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