Timing is everything

I’m about 1 and 1/2 months into a no buying period (fabric and yarn) thanks to Stephanie from my HeartStrings group. She’d posted she was going to go the rest of the year without purchasing fabric and I thought it might be a good idea to join her since I seem to be buying faster than I’m knitting or quilting. 

I admit I was getting the urge to do some shopping before I started clearing things out for the carpet install. Do you remember when I moved from MN 3 years ago and the longarm and stash went to GA? I said I wasn’t going to recreate my stash here but that I would kit up projects to work on while I was in FL. That part I did …. these are some of the tops and quilts pieced from kits I cut from stash. 

I also brought a big bin of red/white/blue fabrics which were combined with some Jelly Rolls and became these tops and quilts.

I had two big bins of strings that became HeartStrings quilts (I haven’t noticed any difference in the number of strings) and also pulled fabric from stash for Sharon Quilts (planned HeartStrings)

I kitted up fabrics for my Quick Strippies – they make great donation quilts for kids or gifts and it’s nice to be able to grab a baggie and piece a quick top! Plenty of those got made up or quilted too. 

But I also started buying kits, Jelly Rolls, and fat quarter bundles just to have here so I could start a quilt when I felt like it and those started adding up. Out of curiosity, and before I started beating myself up too badly – I looked through my quilt photos to see how I have been using them. 

I buy kits more often for the fabric combinations than the patterns – these were all made from kits mostly found on clearance and just one of them – the bow tie – actually used the pattern that came with the kit. There are also several other kits I bought and gave Mom to make.

I thought Jelly Rolls were another good option since I didn’t have my stash here. I refuse to pay full price for them but Craftsy had lots of them on sale for half price and Connecting Threads sells 2.5 inch strips from their fabric collections too. Some of them have made it to the finished top or quilt stage. 

And of course, I just can’t resist a fat quarter bundle on sale or clearance and again, I thought they’d be great for here in FL when I wanted to start a quilt and didn’t have access to the stash. All of these were made from bundles of fat quarters. 

So while I have over purchased … at least I’m using what I buying … just at a slower pace which is why the 4 month’s of no buy makes sense especially right now as I get ready to combine the FL and GA stashes into one. 

And in case you’re wondering what numbers prompted this review … just here in FL I found

  • 18 Jelly Rolls
  • 13 Connecting Threads 2.5 inch strip rolls
  • 26 fat quarter bundles 
  • 32 kits
  • 5 Strippie kits plus 11 one yard pieces of novelty fabrics that need additional fabrics pulled from stash to complete the kits

Plus additional yardage both brought from the GA stash and purchased for borders, backgrounds, and backings. 

I don’t regret my purchases – after all, I won’t always have the same ability to buy what I want and I will be quilting for many years to come (hopefully but there’s still a lot of quilts to be made!

8 thoughts on “Timing is everything

  1. Sara F

    Once you started counting, you probably realized that you’ve finished more quilts since the move from MN than you had realized. Wow!

    I started organizing my kits last winter, but got sidetracked. I really should get back to that task, scary as it is.

  2. The Joyful Quilter

    Thanks for sharing these collections of quilt that you’ve made. Love, love, LOVE so many of them!! 4 months without buying fabric for your stash will probably do you more good than the 4 YEARS of not buying that I did completed a few years back. You are quite prolific (and such an inspiration!)

  3. Alison

    Such lovely quilts! While I’m not on a no buy strategy, I did start a spreadsheet for this year with the goals of only purchasing what I need to finish this year’s projects and getting a net reduction of inventory. With 20 projects of various sizes done so far this year, I’m down 28 meters.

  4. Rose H

    Thanks for posting your quilt pictures, it’s like going to a quilt show. Indeed you have made many beautiful quilts. Wish I could say the same. You keep us inspired.

  5. pauline chapman

    I understand the pang of parting with completed quilts
    but how I deal with those faves is by slow elimination
    I will spread them out about once/month and reselect
    eventually will be left with fewer faves and the rest go as giveaways
    this method works for me and the pangs
    I am also into not buying new fabric
    in the beginning the withdrawl was painful!
    have now passed the eighteen month mark
    shocked by the realization of no matter how long I live
    I can never use up my stash even with making quilts as fast as possible
    accepting I definitely had an addiction
    my reward after withdrawl is the peace and contentment that comes with knowing
    I’m clean and sober …LOL

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