Today’s agenda

No sewing but I’m am getting some knitting done. I’m also all ready for the carpet installers to come tomorrow! Can’t wait to have this behind me!

We had a quote today for new windows (ouch!!). The plan is for this home to be our retirement home and while Keith has plenty of working years left, we want to get all the remodeling/updating done before retirement. With Hurricane Irma passing through last month, we decided that we wanted to put hurricane windows in and sooner rather than later so we started the process today with the quote and are going to move forward with the actual install being mid January. 

Finn went to the vet today to be checked for issues that might be causing his “bedwetting” … that’s what we’re calling his accidents he’s having when sleeping. He’s is basically house trained except for these occasional episodes that are occurring when he’s sleeping. The vet ruled out an infection, kidney problems, and diabetes which is good. We’re going to try him on a medication for incontinence and see if it helps. If not, I’m not too worried about dealing with it as long as we know he doesn’t have a serious health issue. 

Have I told you all how much I love the internet and how easy it is to FaceTime the little ones (and my boys) and to see photos of them. It really helps since we don’t live in the same state! They’re all getting so big!

Finally, I had another email wanting me to calculate fabric for one of my instruction sheets. I get a little tired of telling people that I can’t (won’t) calculate their fabric requirements. In some cases, I provide EQ estimates but for the most part my quilts are scrappy and I just keep pulling fabric until I’ve made all the blocks I need. I understand that some people don’t want to calculate their own requirements or maybe they think it’s too hard but why they expect me to do it for them I don’t know. 

My response is to refer them to a site that shows them how to calculate it themselves or suggest that they purchase patterns that come with the fabric requirements as a part of their paid for pattern!

Calculating fabric for a quilt can be time consuming but there are lots of tutorials on how to do it out there – here’s just one example. 

8 thoughts on “Today’s agenda

  1. Sara F

    Hope your carpet install today goes smoothly – and I hope mine does too. My installers are due in about a half hour.

    Your grandkids really have changed and look so much more grown up all of a sudden. I love FaceTime too and wish we used it even more often.

  2. Robin

    We’re getting hurricane shutters for our house ..before next year’s hurricane season…thankfully, our HOA allows that…I know some don’t. Not spending another hurricane season kicking ourselves for not doing it in time. This morning, our issue is the cable….they are on their way to resolve the issue…fingers
    Good luck with your carpet installation and hope Finn’s issue is able to be resolved easily.
    I am a scrap quilter, as well, so understand the not giving fabric requirements. Asking how long it takes to make something is also a question that I can never answer. It takes as long as it takes….

    Hope you enjoy your day

  3. Kathleen McCormick

    Glad you are moving along on the house projects! We did the rest of the windows in our property in Maine last year, and were very pleased with the results (heat savings not hurricane related). I do hope the pills help and Finn is better soon.

    I totally agree with the pattern requirements. You are so very generous in your sharing your work and patterns, it is not that hard, but yes, it is time consuming.

  4. Penny Guglielmoni

    I never panic, because I buy more than I will need and throw the leftovers in the scrap bag. I use you Quick Strippie tutorial and you provide estimates that I never use because I am always upsizing it in some way. I never tell people when I make up a pattern any more because they want detailed instructions and I just do, so they ought to be happy with the FREE information you share

  5. Girl in the Stix

    In a kind of related situation, I monitor social media for a university. It always staggers me that I keep getting questions on FB about departments and programs that can be easily found by a simple google search. I feel like saying (but I don’t), “Hey, you want to go to college, you really should learn how to find information on the internet.”

    And when I worked in a fabric store, people would always ask me how much fabric they would need for various items–skirts, curtains, et al. For clothing, my go to would be to take them to the pattern books and suggest they look for a similar pattern and find the fabric requirements from that. “Can’t you just tell me?” And curtains! We had information sheets about how to measure and estimate fabric for curtains/drapes–“Can’t you just tell me?” when they hadn’t even bothered to measure their windows. Argh. Okay–rant over! Hope your carpet install goes smoothly.

  6. Marcia in TX

    On Finn’s problem…our yorkie had the problem when she was sleeping, she would wet herself and our other dog (since she slept on him). She outgrew it. It only happened when she was a puppy. Sorry, I don’t remember at what age she outgrew it.

  7. Daffycat

    The best thing about really scrappy quilts is you can’t really run out of fabric you just add to!
    I’m glad there is nothing seriously wrong with Finn. Could he be persuaded to sleep on medical bed pads?

  8. Dianne

    You could easily make some dog belly bands for Finn to wear while he’s sleeping. That would help with clean up from any accidents. He’s such a cutie.

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